Yadav Wagley


Yadav comes from Nepal, a country that is known for Himalayas. He received his master’s degree in medical microbiology from Tribhuvan University, Nepal and holds a doctoral degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Chosun University, South Korea. Yadav joined the Hankenson Laboratory in December 2016.

During his graduate and post-graduate studies, he has successfully used various cell models to gather an extensive knowledge of Molecular Biology, Signal Transduction and Immunology. Currently, he is using advanced molecular genetic tools to identify and validate novel genetic regulators affecting multi-lineage differentiation capabilities of human mesenchymal stem cells. During his tenure at the laboratory, he plans to develop and establish animal models that will help to further understand the mechanistic role of those novel regulators during normal development and under pathological conditions.

To further learn about Yadav and to connect with him, visit his personal website http://yadavwagley.strikingly.com/