Parker Acevedo


Parker left the lab in the Summer of 2021 to begin a graduate degree in Global Disease Epidemiology and Control through Johns Hopkins University's Bloomberg School of Public Health. Her career aspirations are to work in regions of the world which are typically underserved and underrepresented on the global health scale. Please reach out to Kurt for contact information if you wish to discuss her past or future work with her.

In the Hankenson Lab Parker was the Colony Manager and a Senior Research Technician also acting as Kurt's Lab Manager for day to day administrative activities. She is a Michigan State University 2018 graduate, having completed a degree in Biomedical Laboratory Sciences and a minor in Spanish Language. At the Hankenson Laboratory Parker worked in both live animal models as well as in vitro, cell based, models on a variety of projects. Her primary research project involved studying the role of Notch signaling in BMP2 induced osteogenesis but she also played active roles in projects based around Wnt Signaling. While with the Hankenson lab she collaborated frequently with pediatric cancer researchers here at University of Michigan and nanomaterial engineers at Michigan State University.

Having been born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Parker is of course not a Michigan native. Growing up in such a diverse community and landscape fostered a love of adventure leading her to pursue travel and new experiences at every opportunity. This adventurous attitude extends to her love of cooking as well, she enjoys taking some extra time trying new recipes and inventing some of her own. She is also very passionate about living a balanced and healthy lifestyle, and therefore is very involved with the MHealthy initiative at the University of Michigan and has been appointed the position of MHealthy Champion for the department of Orhopaedic Surgery.

Hugging a Giant Sequoia in King's Canyon National Park

Presenting for the first time at a National Research Conference, ORS 2020

Parker's Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics graduating class Spring 2018

Visiting the Grand Canyon


While in school at Michigan State University Parker gained laboratory experience through her specialized degree program. She then worked in a clinical lab, Machaon Diagnostics in Oakland, California, for a summer internship where she was exposed to clinical research. There she performed a pilot study on the validation of testing for Von Willebrands Disease and was published. After completing her degree program Parker came to the Hankenson Laboratory where she contributes to the discovery of novel findings every day.


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  • Ero M, Bynagari YS, Cota J, et al. A New Frontier Has Emerged That Enables the Reliable Diagnosis and Subtyping of Von Willebrand Disease (vWD) Clinical Patients in 48 Hours. Blood. 2017; 130. doi:10.1182

Service and Organizations

  • Orthopaedic Research Labs Green Team: 2019 - 2021

  • MHealthy, Department Champion: 2019 - 2021

  • Orthpaedic Research Society, Member: 2018 - 2021