June 2021

Thanks to the widespread implementation of vaccines the Hankenson lab and our frequent collaborators, the Maerz lab, were able to meet up for an evening of food and laughs at Ashely's Bar in Ann Arbor. This is the first time many of our members have ever met face to face after over a year of pandemic life!

February 2021

Alek Knights presents a talk "The Wnt agonist R-spondin 2 promotes joint degeneration."

Yadav Wagley presented a poster "Transcriptome and Proteome Profiling of Trinity ELITE Allografts Supports Bone Healing Potential."

Dr. Hankenson was elected the 2nd Vice President of the ORS and will be President for the 2023-2024 term.

January 2021

Happy New Year!

The Hankenson Lab is starting the year right with some exciting news.

Former lab member, Dan Youngstrom, PhD, was awarded an Early Career Award for his work on CTRP3 Regulate Endochondral Ossification and Bone Remodeling During Fracture Healing published with Dr. Hankenson in 2019. Our congratulations to him!!

Dr. Hankenson also had three papers published in partnership with collaborations at Michigan Statue University and UPenn early this month.

  • Sol-Gel-Derived Bioactive and Antibacterial Multi-Component Thin Films by the Spin-Coating Technique

  • Genome-wide association study implicates novel loci and reveals candidate effector genes for longitudinal pediatric bone accrual

  • Biological constraints on GWAS SNPs at suggestive significance thresholds reveal additional BMI loci

October 2020

We say goodbye to both Jun and Qingyun this month as they return to China. Thank you to both of you for all that you have contributed to our lab and for being a part of our community.

Pictured: Alex Donneys and Jun at Mt. Rushmore while on their USA road trip before Jun's departure

September 2020

Congratulations to Dr. Hankenson and the lab on receiving funding for two grants!

The first, "Rspondin-Lgr in Bone Regeneration" aims to elucidate the role of Rspo2 and Rspo3 binding to Lgr6 in regulating bone healing. This is a collaboration with researchers at the university of Connecticut.

The second, "Genomics of bone and body composition traits in children" to identify genes implicated in regulating bone formation in children. This is a collaboration with Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

June 2020

Congratulations to Yadav Wagley on the publication of "Cannonical Notch Signaling is Required for Bone Morphogenetic Protein-mediated Human Osteoblast Differentiation" in Stem Cells! (

Goodbye Anne!

Anne Ryan, leaves the lab to return to Maine where she will work as a Veterinary Assistant.

Welcome Alex!

Alexander Knights, Ph.D joins the lab as a joint research fellow with the Maerz lab working to understand the role of R-sponding in OA and fracture healing.

February 2020

The Hankenson lab attends ORS 2020 in Pheonix where Parker and, former lab member, Dan Youngstrom, PhD. present posters.

January 2020

The lab welcomes Junxiong Zhu and Qingyun Zheng, visiting scientists from China

November 2019 - The lab welcomes Dr. Alex Donneys, an experienced surgeon who will facilitate and innovate further animal research as well as expand the scope of the lab.

December 2020 - Dr. Hankenson and Dr. Donneys walk away victorious from the Lab Holiday Outing - Trivia Night!

Pictured to the left

August 2019

Kurt, Parker, and Nicole attend the ORS Ambassadors Meeting at Rush University in Chicago, Illinois. Kurt opens the symposium with a talk on RSPO2 as the first keynote speaker.

July 2019

Kathleen Conner is 1 of 9 students selected to present her summer research at the UROP Summer Symposium. We are very proud of her achievement and wish her the best of luck at University of Toledo in the Fall.

Goodbye Kathleen!

We are very proud of her achievement and wish her the best of luck at University of Toledo in the Fall.

June 2019- Kurt presents at the International Combined Meeting of Orthopaedic Research Societies (ICORS) in Montreal, Canada.

June 2019 - Kurt attends an ASBMR Council meeting in DC in preparation for the upcoming annual convention later this year.

May 2019

Kurt hosts a celebratory lunch for Jon Carlos Anderson and John Reicha as they prepare to leave in June. We wish Jon Carlos the best of luck in Medical School and look forward to seeing John again in the Fall.

May 2019 - Congratulations Dr. Daniel Youngstrom on your appointment as an Assistant Professor at the University of Connecticut. We will miss you greatly but are very excited to see you excel in this next phase of your career.

March 2019 - "Genome - scale Capture C promoter interactions implicate effector genes at GWAS loci for bone mineral density," published in the prestigious Nature Communications 10. Yadav Wagley co-first author.

March 2019 - The Hankenson lab goes Axe Throwing at BatlGround Novi where Kurt fittingly emerges as the victor.

May 2019 - Our Undergraduate Students, Ben, Sydney, Nicole, Isabella, Mattheus, and Jose participate in the Spring UROP Symposium presenting the work they contributed to over the past year in the Hankenson lab.

February 2019 - Rob, Dan, and Kurt attend the National ORS Symposium with other ORL members in Austin, TX.

Dan and Rob both are winners of ON/ORS fellowship and Rob wins poster award from the ISFR

January 2019 - Anne Ryan, JonCarlos Anderson, and Mohammad Ahmad join the laboratory.

December 2018 - Basel Khader, PhD joins the Hankenson laboratory

December 2018- Rob Zondervan defends his thesis.

Congratulations Dr. Zondervan!!

November 2018 -

Congratulations to Rob Zondervan who has been selected as the 2018 Dennis Kayner Award Winner in Orthopaedic Research.

Dennis was a longtime member of the Orthopaedic Research Laboratories, and was the heart and sole of the labs for many years. Dennis was a unique individual, and dedicated much of his time to helping teach trainees both lab and life lessons.

The Dennis Kayner Award was created in Dennis' honor to annually recognize a trainee who exemplifies the creativity, dedication, collegiality, and inspiration that Dennis brought to the lab every day. It is with great pleasure that the faculty recognizes Rob for his contributions to the lab.

Kayner Award Winners

2012 Ben Sinder

2013 Ethan Daley

2014 Steve Schlecht

2015 Christophe Merceron

2016 Melissa Ramcharan

2017 Diana Olvera

2018 Rob Zondervan

September 2018 - Robert Zondervan awarded the 2018 Meites Travel Award from the Department of Physiology, Michigan State University

September 2018 - Drs. Yadav Wagely and Hankenson attend the 2018 ASBMR meeting, with four posters presented in collaboration with Struan Grant from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

September 2018 - Drs. Rafael Senos and Hankenson attend North American Veterinary Regenerative Medicine Association 2018 meeting

August 2018 - Hankenson and Grant collaboration deposit paper on capture C to identify new osteoblastogenesis genes to BioRxIv .

August 2018 - Jahir, Saul, and Nicole present at Summer Research Symposium.

Congratulations to Nicole for winning a blue ribbon the second year in a row!

Congratulations to Rob on the publication of his newest paper in JoVE!