Alexis Donneys


Alexis is a translational researcher and surgical specialist. His research focus involves the vascularization of osseous tissues for bone repair and regeneration. He completed a B.S. and M.S. at Seton Hall University, where he also participated in Division 1 NCAA men’s soccer. Subsequently, he completed medical school at Temple University, and a surgical internship at Loma Linda University prior to pursuing a research career at the University of Michigan (U of M). Dr. Donneys has worked under the mentorship of Steven Goldstein PhD, and Steven Buchman MD, whom have helped to shape his passions for bone biology and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Donneys has demonstrated a devotion to the advancement of translational research. He forms part of a team of inventors whom have developed Ferroximend, a therapeutic designed to facilitate pathologic fracture healing through targeted stimulation of neo-vascularization. In addition, he has developed innovations in live cell imaging techniques and pre-clinical surgical animal models designed to investigate bone healing. He has published over 50 manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals and has secured numerous private grants from intramural and extramural sources, including the American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons, Plastic Surgery Foundation, Head and Neck Surgical Foundation and the U of M College of Engineering. He is also a recipient of the esteemed U of M Department of Surgery Young Investigator Award. Outside of the laboratory, he enjoys his family, playing soccer, home remodeling, visiting California, and winning the occasional game of trivia.


Alex with his family

Playing a favorite sport: Soccer!

Alex enjoys remodeling and renovating

Winning at Trivia with Kurt

Highlighted Work

Donneys, Alexis, et al. "Implantable hyaluronic acid-deferoxamine conjugate prevents nonunions through stimulation of neovascularization." NPJ Regenerative medicine 4.1 (2019): 1-9.