Kathleen Conner


Kathleen Conner has received her Associates of Science from Monroe County Community College. While there she enjoyed being a Supplemental instructor for Introductory Biology as well as working in the chemistry lab. From a young age Kathleen has always been interested in research and was very enthusiastic to be a part of Dr. Hankenson’s laboratory. During her tenure in the lab she completed work with Parker Acevedo on projects related to BMP and Notch signaling which earned her the honor of presenting her work at the University of Michigan's Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium. Ultimately her work also contributed to an abstract, Systemic Blockade of Notch Inhibits BMP Induced Osteogenesis, which was presented at ORS 2020. She also loves nature, music, photography, and most of all biology. She intends to continue her undergraduate career pursuing a degree in molecular biology in Toledo, Ohio with a goal of continuing into graduate school.