Hankenson Laboratory

Welcome to the Hankenson Laboratory

Our lab is interested in mechanisms of bone formation. We use both in vivo studies with genetically-modified mice and in vitro studies with mesenchymal stem cells to elucidate novel regulators of osteoblastogenesis.

Our goal is to discover novel mechanisms of bone formation, and to translate these findings to improve patient care.

We have multiple positions open in the laboratory at all levels, including Post-Doctoral Researchers.

Please check us out!

The Hankenson laboratory is part of the Orthopaedic Research Laboratories (ORL), a faculty consortium in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery focused on diseases of the skeleton. The ORL hosts the University of Michigan NIAMS P30 Core Center (The Michigan Integrative Musculoskeletal Health Core (MiMHC) and the ORL faculty share 10,000 square feet of laboratory space in the Biomedical Sciences Research Building. The ORL is fully-equipped for cellular and molecular, histological, compositional, and mechanical evaluation of musculoskeletal tissues and cells.